Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 5 - Alive & Well-ish

I started crossing days off on the calendar this cleanse. I don't usually do that. I do use a calendar to mark my cleanses - both the beginning and end dates - but I wondered if crossing days off like kids waiting for prom or convicts waiting for their release date would make things more interesting ... Ya know what?


So far anyway. I have a feeling crossing days off will be more effective, say, three weeks down the road when I've got some crosses behind me. Right now it feels more like crosses to bear. ;)

I'm being dramatic. It's really been super easy so far. I highly recommend getting a cold for the first week of your cleanse. I've had absolutely no cravings and no feelings of being deprived of alcohol.

However, I don't usually have those feelings anyway. If you're following the whole plan and taking two regular days off a week all year long, you get accustomed to living without drinking. You know what life feels like. Sure 28 days is longer than 2 days a week, but the overall 'atmosphere' of not drinking is the same.

You really start feeling closer to yourself. You get a clearer vision of your life. Drinking is pleasurable, and (when it's under control) it definitely enhances just about every occasion I can think of.

But it can also be distracting. It can become the highlight or reward of your day. It can become what you do for enjoyment. A kind of pastime or hobby that stands in for any number of other things you might be able to explore and enjoy.

But becoming accustomed - training yourself - to live without alcohol on a regular basis really opens up your perspective. You start to see so many other options for enjoying your life.

Now, if you've decided to take the six-month cleanse to start, as I did - because you feel your brain has stopped producing dopamine - you're probably not seeing a million happy options ... yet. But that will change. Things will evolve. You will evolve ... and it really is a wonderful feeling after being trapped by addiction.

btw, I was up early the other morning and heard Roz and Mocha on Kiss 92.5. Luh-HUV those guys!! Roz, who at thirty-something is the more 'mature' of the two (if you listen, you know that's a bit of a stretch) was teasing Mocha (a twenty-something) about his drinking habits. Telling him he was like a 'college girl,' always bingeing on the weekends. Mocha said it was true, he didn't drink much during the week - maybe a glass of wine with dinner every now and again. But he did most of his drinking on the weekend.

Roz said for himself, he's a 'regular' drinker. He drinks every day. But for the first time in as long as he could remember he'd gone three days without a drink. There hadn't been anything in the house and his whole family was sick (colds I presume - 'tis the season) so somehow or other it just worked out that he didn't have anything to drink for a solid 72 hours.

He seemed a little shocked and surprised with himself. Also maybe a bit sobered by the fact that he hadn't gone that many days without a drink in so long. It's funny how drinking works its way into our lives. How it, y'know, just sort of shows up a couple times a week in the beginning, knocking on the door and asking if you can come out to play.

Then, things start getting serious and before you know it, you're hanging out every other day. Then every day. Then ... drinking decides to keep a toothbrush at your place. And maybe a pair of under-things. But everything's still more or less rosy.

Cut to twenty years later and alcohol is standing in the doorway - blocking you from either coming or going - anywhere. With a shotgun its hand.

But I'm thinking, 3 days, Roz? You're a PUSSY!!

23 days left to go!