Monday, March 11, 2013

Pelican Briefly

 My brother was coming through town this weekend on his way back from a week in Florida. So Saturday included a late-night excursion of transferring him from the airport to the bus stop for the last leg of the journey home. As we set out around 11:30p to pick him up from my cousin's, the prospect of a drink somewhere came up. Sounded good to me.

We ended up at an upscale roadhouse-type place (I think I've talked about how much I love the roadhouse "mystique?" Especially their habit of usually having tub-sized glasses of wine). 

It was after 12:30 when the swell bartender sauntered up and asked what we wanted to drink. The boys had beers and I asked for a pinot grigio. "Six or nine ounce?" 

Are you kidding? I'm freaking Ms. Functional, f'crissakes. "Nine!" I said with a grin. 

Keep in mind, that generally I don't "pour myself" a glass of wine after 11p at night. Not unless I want to get drunk or have a hankering for a hangover in the morning. Which - occasionally - is the case. 

The wine came in a HUGE polished glass, big enough for a koi pond. Yum. The bro hauled out the camera and we checked out his pics and listened to his stories from the Sunshine State. (Like rescuing a pelican that had chowed down on a fisherman's hook. The bird landed right in front of my brother, a big tackle hanging out of its beak. As coincidence would have it, he'd visited the Sun Coast Seabird Sanctuary on the vacay and he'd heard about how deadly fishing hooks can be for birds, pelicans especially. He sprung into action. Grabbing the fishing line - still attached to the fisherman, mind you, who didn't seem to care about the well-being of the pelican nearly as much as my bro - he had the pelican on the other end. The bird had a wingspan of almost six feet! It flew off with my bro still holding the line and started circling overhead like a live kite. My bro jiggled the fishing line, broke it, and the hook and bait fell out. Mr. Pelican sailed off safely into the sunset. That's my bro - saving the world, one pelican at a time!) 

Back to the wine. I mentioned at the beginning of this 'drinking cycle' (the five-month drinking part of the year between 28-day cleanses) that right after a cleanse, I almost never 'super-size' my wine. I can't even think of getting nine or ten ounces of wine into me in one sitting. But at the end of a drinking cycle - because I'm about a month away from my next cleanse - big glasses of wine are par for the course. 

However, we didn't have a long stay at the roadhouse. And by the time we had to leave, my wine wasn't finished. There were at least three gleaming ounces left in the bottom of the pond.

You know what? 

I didn't finish it. I walked away and left it sitting there sulking. I knew that extra wine wasn't going to make a real difference in my mood - which was already great. The only thing it guaranteed was a headache in the morning. So I passed.

Nor did I take advantage of 'last call' when the bartender reminded us we could top up again. There was a day when a bartender couldn't mouth the sound "la-" without me jumping behind the bar and serving myself. Let alone leaving behind good vino. 

But not anymore.  

Meaning ... I'll never have to have that scariest of last calls. The one that means I can never drink again.   

And on that happy note, I thought I'd find some really nice relaxing viz of pelicans flying gracefully through a blue Florida sky. Just for a fun peaceful touch.

But you know what? All the YouTube videos I saw just featured pelicans eating things! Cats, pigeons, puppies, ducks. Normally pelicans stick to fish, but obviously they're diversifying. Or maybe they just love the YouTube fame. 

Whatever the case, here it is ... 'Pelican Eats Bird' by stuartnow9. With almost two million hits, we must really love watching pelicans eat things.