Friday, March 15, 2013

Green Day

So St. Paddy's is this weekend!

I feel lucky to be able to celebrate Ireland's unofficial patron saint of partying this year because I've often been on a cleanse in March in the past. But because of some travel plans, my cleanse isn't until April this year. So I can partake in the festivities.

Which means what?

Green beer, right?

Well, at least everywhere ... but in Ireland. Because according to the National Post and Guinness, a real authentic Irish St. Patrick's Day party doesn't include green food coloring. That's just a gimmick the rest of the drinking world has adopted to make March 17 seem special compared to, well, all the other nights you drink beer that's just boring beige.

Problem: I don't drink beer anymore. So I was wondering what other festive cocktails I might enjoy to mark a day devoted to parades, shamrocks, hard drinking and general global partying.

Here's a sophisticated looking libation. It's made with champagne and Midori Melon Liqueur - which is green. According to our YouTube chef here, Midori isn't a super sweet liqueur so it won't overpower the champagne (or sparkling wine for the budget-minded). Plus it looks really pretty. It's probably healthier for you than green food coloring. It's super-duper easy. And, best of all -- it's booze! :)

However, not everyone is going to appreciate what a brunette in a pretty green sweater standing in front of her Sub-Zero fridge is making to mark the occasion.  Liqueur and bubbly may be very chic for a cocktail soiree, but I don't think it would be practical at, say, a frat house. (At least none of the ones I ever frequented in my youth.)

So for the less 'polished' palette, here's overgrown frat-boy Derrick Schommer, a YouTuber who seems to spend an awful lot of time collecting, mixing and drinking booze. I think these two will always belong to Phi Epsilon Delta - at least in their hearts.

Top of the marnin'/evenin'/marnin' to you! Enjoy!