Thursday, February 28, 2013

More or Less

A new study has confirmed that British people "underreport" how much they drink by as much as 60%.

The study was conducted by University College London and they found that about 75% of both men and women are actually drinking substantially more than they report to the Health Survey for England.

Researchers started by comparing the number of drinks people admitted to having to the actual sales of alcohol. That's when they found the massive discrepancy. It's not certain whether people are fudging the truth because they're ashamed and feel they have to lie about their drinking - or simply because they're pouring larger drinks.

Whatever the case, fully half the population of Britain are binge drinkers, meaning men consume 8 drinks and women 6 in "one session." 'Session' being science-talk for 'paw-taaaay!'

(Get the English accent there?)

btw, I suspect British drinkers aren't the only ones who tell white lies about how much they drink - to their doctors and to themselves.  But I'm glad the information is coming out anyway. It's important for all of us to be aware of the effects of alcohol abuse on our lives. Heavy drinking can lead to real problems - not the least of which is dependence. And that's a nasty dragon to slay, as I know. Only cleansing has helped me stick with more moderate drinking amounts - and stay happy doing it.

(Moderate compared to the old days, anyway. ;)

Incidentally, the British Department of Health recommends no more than four drinks a day for men, three for women.  Which is pretty damn generous to begin with.

Read the whole article about Britain's 'secret boozers' here.  (That's The Independent's name for them, not mine.)