Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy VD Cocktail!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I just love my Independence Days on the Plan. Independence Days being those special occasions when you don't have to take the two cleanse days a week. (I'm still recuperating from Christmas and New Year's btw. ;))  Occasions like birthdays and vacations and yes, Valentine's Day!

It really puts me in such a great mood. Just these little breaks from the plan - which, btw, isn't the most stringent 'quit drinking' program ever invented in the first place. In case you haven't noticed. ;)

But I'm serious. I'm kind of walking on air today. Looking forward to the festivities tonight. It just feels extra special because Thursdays are usually cleanse days for me. I really believe these little perks during the year are part of the reason the plan works so well for me. They make me feel 'normal.' They bring variety to my life. And they let me have fun when it seems like the rest of the world is having fun, too.

In honor of the occasion, I found a Valentine's cocktail that looks fun and yummy. It's a little ambitious for my talents which sort of run along the uncork/unscrew & pour line. But one can always dream!

So here's Mamrie Hart, a Brooklyn-based comic and writer who produces the You Deserve A Drink  channel on YouTube. Even if you don't actually mix up this festive concoction, a drink in one hand and a chocolate in the other should do the trick. Cuz she's pretty fun and yummy too!