Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Da Rules

For those of you who missed it, I briefly updated yesterday's post to explain why I was fighting a craving for a glass of wine, only to have one later in the day. It wasn't a cleanse day. There's just no drinking at home alone on the plan!!

That's how I got into such trouble in the first place. At least it didn't help. When I started working from home it gave me plenty of time to drink by myself. Sometimes I started drinking as early as 8:30 in the morning. And then of course, my prime directive for the day was to get to the liquor store and stock up on the day's supplies.

Not. Cool.

And I hated myself for it. Because it's real damn easy to drink all day - and then all night if you're addicted. Which I was.

So when I started developing the plan for myself I made 'No Drinking At Home Alone' one of the important behavioral rules. And it works for me. It's not such a sacrifice, believe it or not. A real sacrifice would be never being able to enjoy a glass of wine again.

My thoughts & good vibrations are going out to everyone who's trying to get control of their drinking in the New Year. Whether that means cleansing, quitting or just cutting down.

By the way, if you live alone, you can have 'your limit' when you're home alone (only you know what that is), but you still have to honor the cleanse days and cleanse months.

If you need to brush up on Da Rules, check out the How tab above.