Wednesday, January 16, 2013

House of Lies

I caught the premiere of Season 2 of "House of Lies" last night. It's the first time I've watched this show and it was kind of like trying to figure out what happened after a bad blackout.  Because ... uh ... that's what the episode was about. Trying to remember what happened when two of the main characters got drunk together.

Stars Don Cheadle (fresh off his Golden Globe win for Best Actor in this role) and Kristen Bell are colleagues in a questionable 'consultancy' firm. Hence the term "House of Lies."

From what I could figure, in the finale last season, Don and Kristen got very drunk ... and mostly naked ... in a hotel room together ... they puked on each other ... passed out ... peed in public (Kristen might've even helped 'hold') and possibly ... possibly ... might've "done it." Not even they're sure - at least not yet. The snippets of memory are just coming back to them. But the rest of the staff have a bet on the fact that they "did."

(Maybe they were drugged ...? Will have to stay tuned for that one!)

I imagine a lot of sober people would not think this makes for very wholesome TV. Understood. But for young professionals who party a lot, this episode is going to ring true. Because fully 1 in 6 Americans admits to "binging" four times in the last month ... "binging" being defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as having at least five drinks in two hours. (Though in this report, the average was 8 drinks in two hours! Zowie! Don't try that one at home, folks ... or in a bar ... or anywhere!! Come on, peeeeple!!!)

To tell you the truth, like anyone in recovery (though my "recovery" is a lot more lenient than most!) I was a bit wistful remembering the bad old days. I'm definitely glad they're behind me, but in this what-the-hell-happened-last-night-anyway context, it seemed so ... fun (?) and ... harmless (?). 

But I also kept thinking: "You know, it's amazing how accepted super-hard-heavy-drinking is in our culture." Even though from accidents to alcohol poisoning, it really can be dangerous. So pace yourself!! These people aren't really alcoholics! They just play them on TV!!

Here's more about House of Lies from Showtime.

And more sobering info about binge drinking from the Centers for Disease Control.

(Of course, it was still a hell of a lot more interesting than watching a show about people who remember to charge their Blackberries and tuck in before The Daily Show every night.)