Sunday, December 30, 2012


My hubs had a Mexican trainer a few years back who wrote out a diet plan for him - including a helping of 'sparagus' every day. Asparagus. But since he pronounced it 'sparagoos' in the first place, he was also a creative speller.

Anyway, the yummy-as-long-as-it's-not-overcooked sprigs your mother always tried to get you to finish might also be a secret weapon when it comes to hangover prevention. And with New Year's Eve celebrations tomorrow night, maybe it's time to consider stocking up on the champers ... and the sparagoos.

Asparagus contains certain minerals and amino acids which apparently help with the metabolization of alcohol. At least these are the results found by a team of researchers at Korea's Institute of Medical Science. Asparagus shoots and leaves might also help protect the liver from damage due to toxins - like excessive alcohol consumption. For more info, you can read the full Medical News Today  article.

I was looking for asparagus martini recipes on the web - just to make things easy. Not surprisingly ... haven't found any! So maybe we should just steam these funny veggies up while we're getting ready for New Year's Eve. You know ... do the hair. Trim the veggies. Shave the face. Place in steamer basket. Put on tie/jewlelry. Steam for a maximum of three minutes - less if the stalks are skinny. Otherwise sparagoos gets soggy and inedible!

Then remove from steamer, add a bit of butter and/or olive oil and salt and pepper to taste, plus a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Then gently tumble to coat each sprig. It's super fast, very yummy and SO good for you, whether you're preparing to party or not.

Because asparagus is also rich in folate, it's particularly good for the brain, helping older adults perform better on cognitive tests. Sparagoos also contains glutathione which breaks down carcinogens and other free radicals, helping to fight a significant number of cancers. In fact - other than helping with the hangover - there are five hidden health benefits to asparagus, reported by Plus an explanation as to why this veggie can make your pee-pee smell, well ... a bit funky.

One way or another, I'm off to Whole Foods to fetch ... among other things ... some sparagoos.