Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hot Buttered Fun

Like a lot of people right now, we're digging out from under that massive winter storm. It's a great day to stay put if you can.

But what of wine and spirits? What if your cupboard is getting bare and/or company's coming over and/or you're just getting tired of your favorite tipple? If you've got some yummy rum tucked away somewhere, it's the perfect time for a Hot Buttered Rum drink. I always thought making something like this required the culinary expertise of at least a grandmother. But it's actually quite simple and fast.

Here's Hilah Johnson - actress, writer and lovable YouTube cook. Dressed up as a pirate wench, she's got a recipe for Hot Buttered Rum that calls for only a handful of ingredients. Rum. Check. Butter. Probably check. Sugar. Check. Cinnamon stick. 2 whole cloves. And water. That's it.

With a double-shot of rum it'll melt the icicles off anything. And if you've got house guests who are overstaying their welcome, fix them one of these after dinner. They'll be snoring like babies in no time and you can roll them down the hall to the extra room and be done with them for the night.