Wednesday, November 28, 2012


An alcohol addiction counsellor in California has been charged with drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter after hitting a man ... and then driving two miles with him crashed into her windshield. People had to circle the car to stop her. Apparently, she was confused and in shock. Not to mention wasted.

The driver had a BAC of twice the legal limit - despite the fact she'd been telling all her patients she'd been sober for years. It was the second time she'd been involved in a DUI accident in as many years. One of her clients is disheartened, wondering how he "can do it" if she can't. :(

In a bizarre twist of fate, the man's brother-in-law - a city worker in Torrance, CA - was called to the scene to set up barricades around the car and only when he was there did he realize he was related to the victim who, unfortunately, died of his injuries later in hospital.

I have real problems - obviously - with the efficacy of a lot of treatment programs. This isn't the first time an addiction counsellor has been arrested for killing someone after a 'relapse.' (I'll share a really horrible story at another time ...)

I honestly believe that in some cases telling a person they can never drink again is like signing a death warrant. Theirs or somebody else's. Not to paint all counsellors with the same brush. Knowing how I used to be, God knows most of them must be saints.

With that, I'm off for lunch with a friend ... that will definitely include a little vino.

I never got my driver's license, btw. Happy coincidence, I think.

More information about the story here.

Too much death this week!! Next time ... happy stories!! Bubbly stories!! Fun stories!! And safe stories ...