Tuesday, November 20, 2012


They drink a lot on The Good Wife, don't they? They're always going for drinks after work, shots usually. Alicia always pours a glass of red wine when she gets home. There was a whole scene based around this wine they were drinking that was $180 a glass. Um ... yum.

There was a even an alcoholic judge on the show this week. Judd Hirsch played a magistrate who fell off the wagon after years in A.A. They subpoena his sponsor to testify that he hadn't been going to meetings. Apparently, although A.A. is anonymous, it's not legally binding - as it is, say, with doctor/patient privilege, so the woman had to testify.

(But there was a bit of a gaff. His sponsor was a female and that's usually not the practice. They like to keep sponsors same sex.)

Speaking of A.A. ... I was walking down the street and passed a group of young girls in their early twenties. They were all fresh-faced and cute looking. I was expecting to hear them talking about Bieber or an English Lit course or something. But no ... they were talking about N.A. Narcotics Anonymous. The cutest one was saying: "I hate going to N.A. meetings during the day. They're all men."

Another one: "Yah, it's way better at night." 

Their voices were so sweet and unself-conscious. Like they were talking about a pop star or homework. I tried to picture all these recovering young drug addicts - barely out of braces - meeting BFFs at NA. Bizarre sign of the times ...

btw N.A. was founded in California in 1953 and originally called AA/NA. When AA allowed NA to start formally using its 12 steps, the organization became known simply as Narcotics Anonymous. They published "The Little Brown Book" - an offshoot of A.A.'s "Big Book" and today there are almost 60,000 meetings in 131 countries ... Presumably where lots of young girls are meeting their future BFFs and staying clean ...