Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Survival Rates

Here's one that should get teetotalers riled up.

A study at the Chicago School of Public Health has recently found that the chances of surviving an accident or severe trauma almost double ... if you're drunk.

The researchers at the University of Illinois are quick to say this doesn't mean you should drink more! Because, frankly, drunk people are more likely to injure themselves in the first place.

Having said that, the study involved almost 200,000 patients over fifteen years and the findings were fairly conclusive. They tested the blood alcohol content of all these patients and it ranged from zero to 0.5. It seemed the more drunk a patient was, the less likely they were to die from their injuries.

To get an idea of what these rates mean, the legal driving limit is 0.08. Amy Winehouse had a BAC of 0.4 - which resulted in her death by alcohol poisoning. (Blood alcohol content rates measure the amount of ethanol in a person's blood. A level of .5 would mean that .5% or one-fifth of one percent, is alcohol.)

Everyone involved is scratching their heads. They don't understand the strange mechanism behind this pattern and suggest more research is needed. What they'd really like to do is find a synthetic drug that could mimic these protective qualities of alcohol on accident survival rates ... without actually having to serve martinis to people when they hit the E.R.

Do you think it's possible that drunk people don't know how injured they are? And so they're more likely to survive a bad trauma ... Hmmmm ...

The hubs thinks it's because we're less inhibited overall - physically and mentally we're 'looser' when we're drunk, and probably less resistant to the actual injury and then treatment itself.

Whatever the case, stay safe! Don't drink and drive anyway!

(Or boat/ski/skydive, etc.)

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