Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 25 - Don't Sweat!

I'm so happy this morning. So freaking excited to get back to 'normal.' Coming off a cleanse, I find myself counting these mini-milestones. Last Friday night without a glass of wine ... Last Saturday lunch without a glass of wine ... Last spaghetti dinner without a ... You get my point. When it comes to wine, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. :)

Of course, not everything's perfect. I've got my ballet tights and slippers ready for class at noon. So here's another "last" ... Last Sunday morning ballet class without a titch of a headache ... 

Like I said, nothing's perfect. 

But when it comes to perfection, I'd like to quote Richard Carlson, the wonderful writer/soul who penned Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (And It's All Small Stuff) in 1996. Among its many accolades, it was voted one of the most read books of the decade in 2004. 

The lesson that I refer to many times from this book is pretty simple. Yet I use it so often - from everything to days when my hair doesn't work out to keeping this little silver clock I bought that has a little ding in it because I was too embarrassed to bring it back to the cool store with the cool clerk who sold it to me (especially since it only cost twenty-nine bucks).  

Accept imperfection.

Wow. What a heavy concept, right? If you really think about it. So simple, it's a cliche. But if you can really get there - if you can really accept imperfection wherever it is (and it's everywhere ... right there beside perfection -- which is also everywhere), I think you can have a much, much happier life. And that's what we all want, right? No matter what we're doing.

Ultimately, for me cleansing is not just about being able to continue drinking without the problems of addiction. The real reason I do all this is simple. It's because I want to have a happier life. And it works for me. I can't know for sure if it's because it keeps my dopamine production in check. Or because it brings empowerment and variety to my life. I imagine it's a combination of many things. Whatever the case, it really does make me happier. (Especially this close to the end of a cleanse!!)

But so does trying to accept imperfection. Every time I see that clock (which is every single day!) I don't even bother to look for the little ding anymore. Instead I just say to myself: "Accept imperfection." It always, always makes me smile. I know that because it's a really shiny clock and I can see my reflection in it, sort of like the distorted image of yourself in a Christmas tree ball. It's weird, but nice. And it makes me feel better every time.

By the way (and unfortunately for all of us) Richard Carlson passed away in 2006. But his wife, Kristine Carlson has a wonderful website that continues their work at She's also an amazing author herself. 

Not counting this one ... 3 days left to Go!