Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 3 - Great "Hint"

Found a great new sparkling drink yesterday (non-alcoholic, natch). It's "Hint Fizz" - a yummy, refreshing, no calorie carbonated drink.

According to, the company initially released a non-carbonated, unsweetened still water drink back in 2005, flavored with natural fruit essences. It was so popular, they've just released a carbonated version to satisfy the desire some of us have for bubbles.

It comes in four flavors - Strawberry-Kiwi, Watermelon, Peach and Blackberry - which is what I had last night, my first Friday night without hooch for a month.

Trust me, the first Friday is not usually the most fun night of the cleanse. A dry Friday kind of reminds you of all the millions of drinking Fridays you've had since you turned legal - or in some cases, many years before. But last night was an awesome Friday night! As I said, I felt really relaxed and grateful that the cleanse was upon me. I even told a friend that cleanses seem to get easier and more enjoyable every time I do them.

Maybe it was the leaves turning bright orange outside my window. Maybe it was the way the setting sun was almost electrically bright. I've mentioned before that really paying attention to your surroundings and finding something to love about them is really important on a cleanse - or any time, actually. As Dr. Wayne Dyer suggests, practicing 'radical appreciation' for everything around you will make you a happier person in general.

But part of the fun of last night was Hint Fizz. It had so much of a refreshing 'snap' to it that I even watered it down a bit with plain water. I don't need my tonsils freaking assaulted with C02 personally. Though it was fun for a while. And I'm sure most people accustomed to drinking tons of soda would enjoy the super-lively bubbles. But even after toning it down a titch, it was still refreshing and so delicious. I have no idea how they get so much flavor into no calorie, no sodium, no carbohydrate drink ... but they did it and I think it's genius!

Of course another part of the fun of last night was throwing in the first episode of the fourth season of "Sons of Anarchy." Remember, another great hint for cleanses is to keep yourself entertained - and that includes catching up on whole seasons of fave shows you might've missed on the tube. Man, what a show that is! Really looking forward to the rest of the eps.

25 days to go!


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