Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 20 - Drinkin' Thinkin'

I wonder sometimes if I think about drinking too much. 

But then I ask myself: "Do people in A.A. ever stop thinking about drinking?" Of course not. Every day, every night, every meeting and in between. It's hard not to think about alcohol when it's so pervasive, especially if you've had a problem with it.

There's a blog (the link's below) called "Stinkin' Thinkin': Muckraking the Twelve-Step Industry." It's a deep, fascinating blog that basically trashes A.A. Although they're not updating it as regularly as they used to (unfortunately), it's still worth a look. There's a lot of bizarre info there.

Right now they're doing an expose on an A.A. sponsor in California who strangled his girlfriend to death - also a member of the organization. He already violated their code of conduct by acting as a sponsor to this woman (they like to keep it boy/boy, girl/girl) - and he'd just gotten out of jail for beating her already. Terrible case. The parents are suing A.A. for what they perceive as the group's part in her death.

I'm not an A.A. hater - just because I didn't want to join their ranks. I know they help millions of people (even though 95% drop out before the first year). But what a drag that must be! Not only do people have to worry about quitting drinking, but (allegedly) sexual, financial and emotional predators in A.A. can have a field day when a new member shows up. There's such shame attached to alcoholism, newbies must feel so vulnerable ... 

And of course, A.A. is at http://www.aa.org/?Media=NoFlash

9 days left to go! Just love hitting the single digits!