Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 14 - Heartbreak Grape

We watched the truly creepy movie "The Girl" last night, HBO's interpretation of the tumultuous and abusive relationship between director Alfred Hitchcock and actress Tippi Hedren, who starred in "The Birds" and "Marnie" for him.

What caught me - wine wise - was their very first meeting. We see a gorgeous Sienna Miller as the icy blonde showing up at a large movie studio. Apparently, she has no idea she's there to see the famed director. When she's shown to his office, he plies her with lunch and a bottle of red wine.

As he's pouring the vintage, he announces that it's a very fine California Pinot Noir - called "the heartbreak grape" because it's one of the most delicate wine-making grapes. With a very thin skin, it's highly vulnerable to diseases, molds and frost. The grape is so fragile that what does survive results in a sophisticated vintage highly prized by oenophiles. With about thirty different varieties of Pinot Noir, the wine can be described as everything from "fruity and subtle" to "rich and mysterious."

I've recently started drinking more pinot noir because I came across some information that stated these grapes are higher in Resveratrol - the powerful antioxidant responsible for fighting cardiovascular disease among other things - than other red wines. Plus I just liked the idea of a new alternative to cab et al. I've found it to be lighter and fruitier than many red wines and, as I mentioned, I've even ordered it with seafood. 

The hubs and I had a wonderful Sonoma Pinot Noir on Martha's Vineyard at Alchemy, a great restaurant in historic Edgartown. It was a charming, two-story space with a mezzanine overlooking the main floor and lots of white wood - as per the main decorating scheme on the island (and one I've always loved) - whitewashed woodwork. It looks so fresh and clean, formal and casual at the same time. Which seems like the overall vibe the island has developed over four hundred years: proper but relaxed. 

At dinner, I was still so full from my birthday lunch (more about that later) I could barely finish my tender, tasty scallops - but we enjoyed the wine even after the plates were taken away. The vintage started out very light and fruity and deepened quickly as the night progressed. By the end, it seemed we were drinking a totally different wine from the one we started with. Which is always a good thing for people who are easily bored. ;) 

The hubs and I took the last two glasses out to the covered second floor wraparound balcony to watch the mist settle on Edgartown.  The quaint streets were quiet, everything slick and gleaming with a light drizzle that had fallen most of the night. 

While we were out there, a church bell struck - I don't quite remember what time (eleven?) but several mid-timber chimes peeled out gently across the village, into the night. This bell tower struck every single hour we were there. Through the night, it felt like a lullaby sending you off to sleep. During the day, it seemed to evoke another era, making you feel relaxed, yet so alive at the same time. Which is basically how the Vineyard made us feel in general ... Yes, we're dreaming about real estate. ;)

Here's a shot from outside Alchemy that misty night we were there ...

Day 14 - halfway through! Always an awesome (and extremely welcome!) milestone! :) 


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