Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 11 - Zzzzz ...

Getting into the 'double digits' is always a great milestone on a cleanse. Whew!!

But there's always one day - usually on a weekend - where I feel so damn tired - and that was yesterday, Saturday afternoon.

I remember this sensation from my first long cleanse almost ten years ago. At the time, my hubby and I were having dim sum lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant and I was looking across the table trying to focus on what he was saying and his voice sounded sort of cotton-y and far-away.

In fact, my whole head felt as if it had been wrapped in cotton batting and packed into one of those crates full of straw they use to ship precious artifacts in. Or Tasmanian Devils - in Bugs Bunny speak. Well, I was a cotton head yesterday.

In all honesty ... fatigue is one of the mild to moderate psychological withdrawal symptoms of quitting drinking according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. I'm ashamed to admit it - that I may be suffering from withdrawal - but I don't want to lie and avoid it. Because these are things I monitor and track very carefully when it comes to my own health.

Of course, I could just be tired. I was up at the crack of dawn doing three loads of laundry (ahhh, the extra morning energy you get on a cleanse is amazing) and it had been a busy week. Plus I find it hard to believe that almost two weeks after my last drink I'd actually start suffering the first of withdrawal. Especially since other symptoms like anxiety, tremors, irritability, depression, etc. don't bother me at all.

But still, I wouldn't be surprised if alcohol - tricky devil that it is - would be lying in the tall grass saying "Hey, all good here. No worries. You're a queen! This is a cinch!" for the first ten days and then all of a sudden, jump up and pull me down into the grass just to show me it still thinks it's boss.

But you know what? If it is a sign of withdrawal, it's a very mild, manageable one. And if it IS withdrawal from alcohol, then I'm glad damn I'm feeling it because suffering signs of withdrawal is a symptom of addiction - which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. Alcohol is, after all, an addictive substance and I've been heavily addicted in the past. It's left me helpless, hopeless, angry and depressed - and I know those things no longer bother me. So if cleansing means a day of 'kicking' twice a year by suppressing the odd yawn - I'll take it. Because I know how much it's has improved every other aspect of my life.

In the meantime, I'm feeling bright and energetic this morning. Drinking my Organic Detox tea, eating a fruit salad full of healthy anti-oxidants: fresh tangerine wedges, blackberries and pomegranate and getting ready for my ballet class at noon. And trust me, plies and pirouettes are much easier when I'm not dealing with the effects of a 'traditional' Saturday night.

17 days to go!

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