Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 1 - Rough Landing

Do not attempt this at home. Professional drinker on a closed course ...

So birthday week - and the trip - ended with me spewing up pizza and red wine last night.

We weren't exactly sure when we'd get back from our tour of New England, but I planned one more party day when we did. It started yesterday with bubbly at noon and opening late birthday presents. Then it was on to chardonnay. Lots of it. More bubbly. Then tons of pinot noir last night.

We looked at pictures from the trip - which was amaaaazing btw (I'll write more about it on my cleanse), planned on having pasta dinner but decided to order 'za at the last minute because we were both too drunk, tired and lazy to cook.

Not long after that the hubs was holding back my hair and I was riding through a three-flush bout of system backfire. And there wasn't even a hot tub or a helicopter ride involved (as in my last toss-up session in Vegas in the NASCAR parking lot - see 'Engine Failure' in March). It was just good old fashioned over-indulging.

That's the way to bring the cleanse home ... if you're a professional drinker.  Now I'm not condoning imbibing so much on the last day of a drinking cycle that your stomach revolts on you ... but at least I'm not hung over today. :) Well, not THAT hung over anyway.

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