Sunday, September 30, 2012

Road Trip

My cleanse is about ten days away and I'm well into the spirit of the time: i.e. no cleanse days during the week. Just back-to-back drinking days. This is a good thing - because I've got another trip coming up!

The hubby sprung my birthday present on me last night. He made a video to show me what it was. Started off the top with a couple photos of me when I was about 3, looking quite tough and unhappy about my plight in the brooding hinterland of a tiny village in Northern Ontario.

"It's Ms. Functional's birthday! Yayyyy! And you're going on a trip ..."

Then with some of my favorite music playing in the background and all the right sound effects (the hubs is a TV producer by trade) I saw what he's been planning for months and months. 

We're driving to Vermont where we'll spend the night in a beautiful inn (more deets later). Then Saturday it's off to Salem, Massachusetts where we'll visit - among other things - the Witch Museum dating back to 1692 and an Ansel Adams photography exhibit. Yes, there will be lunch, yes there will be drinking. Then it's a half hour drive to Boston where he's booked us for two nights at the W. Tres chic. 

I should say this trip was planned because I'm working on a new novel about witches. When I write about a place I always have to visit it first - or I just can't get it right. Boston - not to mention Salem - figure heavily in the story so I'm excited about that. 

Then we're taking the ferry to Martha's Vineyard - and Edgartown where my favorite movie "Jaws" was shot in 1974, Edgartown standing in for the shark-plagued Amity. Like many historic resort areas, the Hamptons included, Martha's Vineyard has very strict building and zoning laws so the village is a veritable time capsule of my fave flick, minus the shark. We'll spend the night on the Vineyard at another lovely inn and then head home. 

The pre-cleanse timing is perfect because the hubs had business in New York when I was on my spring cleanse this year and the Big Apple wasn't nearly as much fun without fermentation. I'm so grateful not to have to travel on a cleanse!

But the trip is also changing when I start my cleanse because I want to be able to relax and have fun the first day we're back, rather than going straight into cleanse mode. 

I love having the freedom to move my cleanse by a day or two if something unexpected like this comes up. This plan really was designed to fit into your life and give you a sense of independence and empowerment. 

But - just as important - is the cleansing itself. For all my jokes about drinking, for all my light-heartedness about it, cleansing is still serious business that takes care of so many problems that heavy drinkers have: Depression, lack of control and increased tolerance. 

But cleansing doesn't just help these issues. It also helps break the habit of regular drinking. Charles Duhigg pointed out the 'habit loop' in his book "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business." When something becomes too much of a thoughtless habit, we lose our ability to make conscious decisions about it. This can be very dangerous when it comes to drinking. But with cleansing, non-stop drinking can never become a thoughtless habit again, so you stay conscious of your decisions and in control. 

Having said all that ... lots of fun before the cleanse starts!


"Drinking: A Love Story" by Caroline Knapp
"The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business" by Charles Duhigg

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