Sunday, August 5, 2012

Got Milk Thistle?

Sunday morning - totally fun day and night yesterday but hangover free! Good girl!! And my spirits are much better. My chakra may still be blocked, but so are the emails that kept reminding me they were. ;)

Found some really interesting information about Milk Thistle - a flowering plant that's part of the daisy family. Since Roman times, medical practitioners have been using Milk Thistle to treat liver ailments of all kinds. And it looks like they knew what they were talking about because Milk Thistle contains specific phytochemicals that are of special interest to drinkers. (Phytochemicals are important to our overall health because plants produce them to help protect themselves against disease. But phytochemicals seem to have the same preventative effect on the human immune system, as well, offering defense against everything from hormonal imbalances to cancer.)

However, it's a particular phytochemical in Milk Thistle that is of special significance to drinkers. It's called "silymarin" and many studies have shown that it helps restore proper liver function. It stimulates the production of healthy liver cells and has even improved the condition of chronic liver disease caused by radiation, heavy metals - and alcohol!

It's available in tea, extract or pill form. I've been drinking Milk Thistle tea for years now, but I recently discovered the supplement at Whole Foods, so I've added that to my daily routine as well. I chose a product by Enzymatic called Super Milk Thistle which contains 100 mg of Milk Thistle Phytosome which is about 80% silymarin.

Along with other ingredients like Dandelion Root Extract which has shown anti-inflammatory properties and may fight free radicals, it's marketed as a "Liver Detox." I'm starting with one pill a day though the directions are for up to 4. I haven't been able to find any negative side effects of Milk Thistle in any of the studies done, but I still want to incorporate it slowly into my routine just in case I have a reaction. So far ... all good! I can almost feel my liver smiling ... ;)


"What Are Phytochemicals?" -

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