Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Ahhh ... I love waking up without a hangover. Obviously, you do at least twice a week after cleanse days - and then again for the 28-day cleanses. But to wake up without the hint of a hangover after a drinking day is great. I took it easy yesterday because, well ... I didn't take it easy the day before.

We were at the in-laws celebrating the official beginning of summer and much vino and Smirnoff's Ice flowed for me. And because I'm a good daughter-in-law, natch I was helping to clean up the table in the backyard when the snacks were done. Here's not a good equation: lil too much to drink, new long white skirt I haven't worn there yet, step leading up to screen door, screen door, knee. Ouch.

There was no blood. No stitches. No falling. Nothing broke - on me or anywhere else. But it was a lil tipsy trip, I'll admit it. Funny, cuz on the drive there we heard "Tipsy" by J-Kwon. You remember it?  E'erybody in the club ... Yah, that one. Sang it from front to back, knew all the words, and the hubs said I pulled off a pretty good rendition.

So after said tipsy day, I woke up yesterday with a hangover. But here's the difference from in the old days: I wasn't depressed. I wasn't (all that) guilty. I didn't feel ashamed. But did I mention I wasn't depressed?

This is what really floors me about cleansing. When you don't interrupt your exposure to alcohol, your brain starts shutting down production of dopamine - the feel-good neurotransmitter. Without dopamine in your system, you're depressed. You think another drink is going to work, but that stops doing the trick after awhile and suddenly ... you're depressed all the time.

But now, after cleansing - and I sincerely believe that's what's helped me - I'm not depressed anymore. I'm not saying I don't get down when something nasty happens. But that's normal. What I mean is that I'm not unexplainably depressed 24/7. Because my little gray brain is still producing dopamine. And what's really funny/wonderful is that even with a hangover, even without alcohol in my system anymore, yesterday morning I had these bursts of joy. Seriously. For no reason other than sunshine, summer, long weekends, whatever.

I'm beginning to think that my brain is giving me positive reinforcement for sticking with cleansing by jolting me with dopamine at the most unexpected times - even when I'm sober. It's such a gift.

btw - will share more hangover tips with you in the coming weeks as summer continues to blossom and the partying steps up a notch. Happy belated Canada Day! Happy 4th!

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