Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 19 - Free Parking

We're into the double digits! Only 9 days left on the cleanse. Luckily, these are the fastest, easiest and most "healthful" days of the whole cycle. Thank God.

It was so hard putting the apartment back in order after we got back from New York. I don't think I've ever been so exhausted in my life. Now I think all my busy-ness has lead to a cold. Unfortunate, since my (almost-always works like a charm) cure for colds is to have two big glasses of wine, a couple of aspirin, some Vitamin C and then bundle up in blankets in bed to sweat it out for a few hours. Alas, the cleanse precludes wine. :(((((

(Very sad face.)

I haven't much energy right now, but I have to mention last Thursday. We took the subway to the Guggenheim that afternoon (museums and galleries are always great on cleanses), only to learn that Thursday is the one day it's closed.

But it was a beautiful sunny day so we took an unforgettable walk through Central Park, where all the private school kids were scurrying about in their uniforms, the flowering trees were in bloom, and the tiny sailboats were out in full force on the Boat Pond (or Conservatory Water as they officially call it).

New Yorkers started inkling for a public park in the mid-1800s, hoping for their own version of the gloriously landscaped outdoor spaces of London and Paris. The upper classes would have a civilized place for carriage rides and to show off their Sunday best. And the poorer classes, believe it or not, would have "a healthy alternative to the saloon."

I can definitely attest to that. The park was a lovely alternative to drinking that day. Disney World has nothing on Central Park in the spring. With all the families and flowers and dogs running about, it felt like the happiest place on Earth ...

Though I can't wait to go back and have a glass of wine overlooking that pond. Now that's what I call progress.

Source: Centralpark.com