Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oops ...

Okay ... Blogspot just changed their setup ... will have to feel my way ...

After four "perfect" days of drinking (i.e. any kind of drinking that did not include hangovers, blackouts, fighting or rolling brownouts), on the fifth day, I overdid it. Not horribly, but enough that my mood was off compared to my husband. I woke up this morning feeling hungover and depressed. Sometimes you gotta wonder ... why drink?

 Except that it's so damn much fun. I'm so relieved to be walking past restaurants, patios, liquor stores, knowing that I'm "normal" again. Even so ... there are still these problems. I hold myself to such high standards when it comes to drinking now that even the smallest slip-up can really upset me. And - comparatively speaking - this wasn't a slip-up. This was just my own private knowledge that I'd had too much to drink yesterday.

btw - have you ever heard the saying that you should never pluck your eyebrows when you're drunk? Is that an actual saying, or just words an old friend used to live by? Anyway, whatever the case, it should be saying. And you know what you can add to that list of things not to do when you're drunk? Trim your pussy.  Nuff said.

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