Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 13 - Sober and the City

Here's a tip for you when it comes to traveling on a cleanse.


I'm in New York City and for the first time in my life, checking into a hotel has not included an exploration of the libations in the lobby bar. In this case, we're at the funky Maritime Hotel in Chelsea. It's a vintage-liner-themed place with round porthole windows, dark wood walls and, yes, a lobby bar that beckons the drink-lover like a lighthouse across a dark sea. Lots of books. Low lighting. Comfy-looking tables and booths. Sigh ... how I wished I could've cuddled into one of them with a nice big glass of PG.

Alas, not even halfway through my cleanse, vino bianco was not an option. So instead, after unpacking (also something much more enjoyable to do with or after wine), we took a stroll through the Chelsea Market across the street for fruit that marked our arrival in NYC. The market is wonderful - a sort of trendy 18th century fishmonger's mall with exposed bricks and ductwork and some of the coolest little restos and snack bars around. Many of which, yes, had art students and other neighborhood locals out for a glass and/or pint. Instead, we stopped for fruit and bottled water for the room.


I'll be serious here. I'm not having the best cleanse ever. There are a few reasons. It's not just the travel - because I normally wouldn't have booked a trip on a cleanse. But we're having our windows replaced and it's such a dirty, messy job that we had to move out for at least three days. My hubby had some biz in New York so we thought WTH, we'll do that, cleanse or no cleanse.

So it was my first midday flight without a drink. I had to watch the drink cart clatter by without putting up my finger and saying, "White wine for me, please, thanks." I drank water instead and nibbled my snack bar. Double-yawn.

We had dinner at Bottega here in the lobby, a yummy, upscale neighborhood Italian place. I had cranberry & soda which was okay, but after everything we'd already been through ... it would've been nice to have a glass of wine or two.

Or six.

There have been reasons that this cleanse has been more challenging. It started out great. But then preparations for the window replacement had to happen and it was a hell of a job. We had to move everything we own into one corner of each room and cover it all with plastic and hoarding, taping everything down because without windows, the wind would've been too strong and blown the plastic away, leaving our belongings open to the dust and dirt. So it's been days and days of preparing the place, plus packing for the trip. And this time of year in NYC - or practically anywhere, actually - you can never guess what the weather's going to be like so you had to pack for two seasons. Which means it's been non-stop chores and work for what feels like weeks. I know I recommend people keep busy on a cleanse but as I've just discovered, you can be TOO busy. And it can really make you miss that "wind-down" reward drink at the end of the day. Or - better yet - in the middle of it.

Anyway, all the busy-ness has also meant that I haven't been able to blog as much as I usually do on a cleanse. I think not being able to chat about it like this has also put a strain on me. I recommend people journal or blog when they're cleansing, just to get the emotions out and log your progress. But because there's been so much to do lately, I haven't blogged as often as I normally do. And I've missed it. And you.

So, as I said, this has not been the easiest cleanse so far. But we have three more days here, so maybe I'll have some more positive tips about traveling and cleanses before it's over.

Wish me luck. Almost halfway finished. Almost.

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