Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 1 - Begin Again

Well, it's the first day of my first semi-annual alcohol cleanse. A beautiful, almost summery March morning. I've never started a cleanse this late in the year before. It'll be interesting to see how I fare.

Yesterday was a perfect last day of drinking. I did all my favorite drinking things. I went to a movie at my local VIP theater where I had a glass of wine while watching "Jeff, Who Lives At Home" with Jason Segal. It was a sweet and funny comedy about adultery, family and the meaning of life.

Then last night, after a glass or two of bubbly my hubby and I had a nice bottle of red with a huge pasta dinner. I ate so much (and so late) that I'm still not hungry for breakfast this morning.

So instead of mixing up my usual fruit bowl, I decided to make a cup of Organic Detox tea from Among other things, it contains sencha, which is a powerful anti-oxidant, ginger which is a proven anti-inflammatory (some studies show it's as powerful as commercial ASA), and lemongrass which detoxifies the liver. With other herbs and berries in there, it has a really nice not-too-sweet taste and really satisfying flavor. It's one of my favorite teas to drink on a cleanse. But there will be others.

Many others.

Because I have 27.5 days left to go. But still ... I feel pretty good for a first cleanse day. In good spirits and, as always, "ready" to cleanse.

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