Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-Day!

It's a Tuesday - and one of my regular cleanse days of the week.

But because Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year - and it definitely counts as a "special occasion" - I'll be drinking today. Lunch, dinner ... probably a little glass of pink bubbly before the newspaper is even closed.

Okay - I exaggerate. The newspaper will be closed. I will have showered. I will at least have had breakfast. But just saying - the party is on.

That's really one of the (many) awesome things about this plan. Because it's not as if you have to "owe" yourself an off-day for this special occasion. During a regular week if you have to switch your off-days then, yes, you do have to find another night to make up for the change.

But the plan's not about punishing yourself - it's about bringing as much fun and joy into your life as possible. Special occasions are special occasions - so enjoy yourself. They're a "gift" to you for doing so well on the rest of the plan. They help you feel "normal" and take part in things "normal" people do - like celebrate the pagan/Christian holiday of St Valentine's.

Until 1969, Valentine's Day was actually an official holiday in the Roman Catholic calendar - celebrating the life of a 3rd century priest who performed secret marriages. But in 1969, Pope Paul VI decided it wasn't such a "sacred" date anymore and excised it from annual church holidays. Of course for the rest of us heathens, flowers, candy hearts & champagne continue to flow. Freely.

btw - my husband got me some lovely flowers and tickets to the ballet - a matinee of "Sleeping Beauty" (I'm an adult ballet student and have been recently smitten by the ballet bug). Last year I got ballet tickets for Valentine's, too. I was on my spring cleanse for it last year and may be on one for this performance, too.

But I also know going to the ballet is an awesome thing to do when you can't drink (who wants to spend the entire intermission pressed shoulder-to-shoulder with perfume-y guests just to sip bland white wine in plastic glasses). So I'm looking forward to it.

Of course that's still more than a month away so there's lots of partying to do before then!

Cheers & Happy V-Day! xoxox

Source: coolquiz.com, "Why Do We Celebrate Valentine's Day"