Thursday, January 5, 2012

Party's Over

Well, it's my first "off-day" in about three weeks. And you know what? I feel ready to get back into my routine of two days off a week. I honestly don't mind the idea of putting daily drinking behind me again. I didn't get to as many blog posts as I meant to over the holidays - and I didn't share as many nasty Christmas memories as I thought I would. But, to tell you the truth, I was having too damn much fun to dwell in the past. Hope the holidays were happy and peaceful for everyone.

Part of the reason the plan works so well is because there is the freedom there to indulge when the occasion calls for it. Birthdays, vacations, holidays, New Year's. But because you're not drinking every day for an extended period of time - and because you're keeping up with your regular cleanses - you're not going to fall back into the cycle of addiction. Or dopamine depression. I feel fine today. Happy, normal, excited, ready for a new year.

I told my husband, alkies are like cats. You really can't tell them what to do. And you certainly can't expect them to stop playing with something you try to take away from them. If the cat wants something, it wants it and there's nothing you can do about it. So if you let the cat have the toy - or the ball of yarn or the mouse - they'll play with it like crazy, but eventually get bored of it and move on. Just don't try to take the toy away before the cat's ready because he'll want it more than ever.

That's sort of what partying during holidays and other special occasions is like. You get to have what you want ... but because nobody's trying to take it away from you or tell you can't have it, when it's time to get back to reality, you'll be ready for it.

Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2012 brings us all peace, health, happiness, prosperity - and fun!

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