Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Caffeine Kick

Discovered an interesting new vodka cooler yesterday at the VIP movie theater. I went to see "My Week With Marilyn" (excellent if not for a few off-off-Broadway show tunes that fell flat) and bought a blue drink called "Rev." It was yummy.

But then afterwards, when I came home, I had all this energy. I actually started choreographing ballet sequences, listening to my playlist, dancing in front of the big black IKEA mirror in our bedroom. (I started taking adult ballet classes about a year ago and I'm finally feeling a little lighter on my feet.)

I was pretty impressed with my energy and my stamina (if not my talent per se). I seemed to remember reading that my blue drink contained Guarana, so afterwards I googled that and learned that Guarana is a Brazilian climbing plant in the maple family that bears a fruit similar to the coffee bean. Except that it contains twice as much as caffeine as coffee! Not surprisingly, it's very popular as an energy drink in South America ... and getting more popular everywhere else.

Ah-ha I thought! So that's it! I haven't turned into an award-winning choreographer overnight. I simply had a kickass energy drink.

I'll dance to that.

Source: Wikipedia

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