Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"The Nutcracker"

On Sunday my husband and I did something very special and Christmassy. We went to see "The Nutcracker."

It was the second time my husband and I went to the ballet together (I've been taking adult ballet lessons this year and it's become a really fun, important part of my life.) In March, we went to see "Swan Lake" - but I was on my cleanse so I couldn't drink. I reported back (honestly) that seeing the ballet was perfectly wonderful without drinking during intermission and it was refreshing not to have to wait around in those long lines for expensive but cheap wine.

Well, the ballet is just as wonderful when you can drink! Because last weekend my hubby and I went to see a lovely matinee at the Four Seasons Centre. Unlike all the other adorable (and obviously spoiled rotten) little kids running around in their fancy dresses and tiny little suits, my single mom never took me to see "Nutcracker" when I was a kid. I don't think the ballet even went to the mining town where I grew up. And even if it did, I doubt very much my mother could have afforded the expense of a ballet matinee. She would much rather have spent that money on Christmas booze, anyway.

But even though I never saw this ballet as a child, seeing it now made me feel like a kid again anyway. It was absolutely spectacular. The dancing, the costumes, the sets, Tchaikovsky's marvelous and timeless music. Even the pre-show refreshments were delicious - because, unlike last time, it wasn't just a bottle of H20.

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