Monday, November 28, 2011

The Bender

I don't know if anyone has ever seen "Kenny Vs. Spenny" but it's a hilarious CBC-produced comedy show featuring bizarre competitions between two grown men who live together, Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice. They'll do things like handcuff themselves to each other or not sleep for three days or try to see who makes the best woman.

I saw an episode yesterday where the contest was to see who could drink the most beer in two days. Kenny, who's a dastardly but lovable cheater, decided to drink non-alcoholic Becks while poor Spenny, the slightly geeky guy who usually gets the short end of the stick, drank the regular Becks. Both bottles were covered with color-coded tape so that Spenny could never see that his nemesis was basically chugging soda water.

Spencer started getting drunk after a few beer. Just sort of relaxed and casual at first, then becoming a little more forceful. I don't remember exactly how many beers he drank but 72 seems to come to mind. Put it this way, it was a LOT of beer.

Inside those two short days, Spenny went from being a responsible, conscientious, self-aware nerd you'd be happy to take home to Mom (and leave him there) to a belligerent, violent, rambling drunk. It was amazing to see! He was actually throwing bottles around the room and walking through the broken glass. It was a complete and total transformation of his personality inside of two days, just from beer. I don't think crack or crystal meth could've obliterated Spenny's true character as thoroughly in as little time.

But I shouldn't have been that amazed. I've seen lots of personalities change when too much booze is involved - not the least of which is my own. But it was an interesting reminder about why I cleanse. Left uncontrolled, alcohol is a powerful mind-altering substance that can be incredibly damaging not only to your health, but to your very essence - which affects everyone around you, usually for the worse.

I'm so glad those Jekyll and Hyde days are behind me.

With lots of fun and wine still in front. :)

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