Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 26 - The Last Weekend

"The Lost Weekend" is a 1945 classic directed by Billy Wilder about an alcoholic writer on a drinking binge. Based on the novel by Charles R. Jackson, it follows "Don" - played by Ray Milland - a Manhattan writer who evades his brother and girlfriend in an attempt to drink himself stupid one weekend. It was a dark and controversial film at the time - and an extremely realistic look into the depressed, frantic mind of an alcoholic as he shuns everything positive in his life for another drink.

I had a few "lost weekends" in my time, too.

But this one - the "last" weekend of my cleanse - was anything but! Thank God those days are loooong behind me - not quite as long ago as 1945, but it feels that way.

On Friday, I went to a matinee at my VIP cinema but instead of having my usual glass of white wine (Wine with flicks? Now that's progress! Let's hear it for Cineplex!) went for a small buttered popcorn instead. Which is what I've been enjoying with movies since I was a kid. You know what? It was awesome! I didn't even miss the wine. Though I am looking forward to my next matinee, that's for sure.

The movie - on the other hand - meh. I expected "Contagion," directed by the talented Steven Solderbergh and featuring just about every A-lister I can think of, to be a great ride. Unfortunately, I found the ending to be a bit of a letdown. And I gotta say, I'm very forgiving when it comes to flicks. I don't think I've ever seen a movie I haven't liked (including much of "Contagion" actually) - though I wouldn't easily recommend "Hell Camp" to anyone. Just FYI. Anyway, anticlimax considered, I still had an amazing time - without vino!

The weekend itself was lovely. An alcohol-free visit to my in-laws was just amazing, with me noshing on snacks and drinking Happy Planet Berry Blast fruit smoothie mixed with San Pellegrino for some fun fizz. I also picked up a Chai Tea Latte on the way there. A little bit of caffeine can really help keep the energy up at social functions - especially on the last weekend of a cleanse.

It was really one of the most pleasant last weekends ever. And this has been one of the most pleasant cleanses ever! I honestly believe that every time I cleanse, it gets easier and more enjoyable. As if my body - and my brain - really do "want" it to happen and behave accordingly to keep me on track.

Of course, I feel much happier on Day 26 than I do on Day 6 ... but that only stands to reason. If you're not feeling overjoyed about your cleanse yet ... don't worry. By the end of it, you'll be floating on air. And every cleanse after this will be easier. And most importantly ... when it's over, you've got another drink coming! So stay strong! It'll pay off - cuz when it's over, you've got another drink coming!

Only two days left to go! :)

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