Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 23 - Rut Prevention

Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I considered going for lunch at the pub across the street. A place we go to about once a week when I'm not cleansing for weekend lunch (which includes their 10 oz glass of pinot grigio for me!).

In the end, we stayed in and cooked our own lunch. I do occasionally go to the pub on a cleanse, but we're there so often it's the kind of place where they basically start pouring our drinks when they see us come in the door. It can be a titch awkward to change my "usual" to Cran & Soda. Not that anyone looks at me weirdly - but it's definitely not my favorite place to eat when I'm cleansing because I associate it so much with drinking.

But my husband and I talked about the benefits of that, too. And how wonderful it is to really break up your habits so completely when you cleanse. The staff at that pub - and several other places we go to regularly - are so familiar with us, sometimes it feels as if we take the word "regular" to the extreme. As if we're in a rut.

But month-long breaks twice a year not only interrupts our exposure to the saturated fat of the pub burgers, but it also breaks up our constant exposure to the servers - there and at our other favorite haunts.

The same thing goes with my matinee experiences at the VIP cinema where they serve wine. Not that we've traded email addresses or anything, but the nice woman behind the counter who pours my wine before I go into the theater is very familiar with me. Because I usually see a movie there once every week (I love flicks!).

But even that starts to feel awkward sometimes. I'm not sure if everyone is like this, but I hate being so predictable. I hate becoming so familiar with something that it loses its special-ness.

When you cleanse, because you're starting new patterns and breaking up old ones, it really helps keep you from falling into a rut. It keeps you appreciating the things you love so much in your life - like pub lunches and VIP screening rooms - because you go without (or at least go with less) during cleanses twice a year.

So both my hubby and I feel less like predictable "regulars" at our favorite spots, and more like average patrons, which keeps things fresh and enjoyable. More than anything it allows to really appreciate those fave spots when you do go.

Breaking up your usual pattern also means you get to explore new restaurants on a cleanse - like an amazing Italian place we went to the other day. It was a lovely 20 minute walk into a new neighborhood and we really liked the change - both in scenery and in food.

That's just a small benefit of cleansing - but it's another nice one from the long, long list.

btw, last night was our last Wednesday pasta party night without wine. It's always nice to get that one behind you.

Six days left!

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