Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 18 - Clear Heads Prevail

The third Friday night down for the count! Yay!! Just one more and then Friday nights will once again mean more than a DVD and Pom Wonderful.

I woke up this morning ... without a hangover, of course. A rarity on Saturday mornings. Another one of the incredible gifts of cleansing is that it really puts you in touch with your body - your whole system. When you drink alcohol almost every day all year long, you can build up your tolerance to such a level that you're not even aware what it's like to live without alcohol in your system. It's almost as if you're waking up with at least a mild hangover every day.

Cleansing will give you what might be your first insight into what your body and brain should feel like in a healthy natural state. This awareness, something you may not have felt for decades, will help you both physically and mentally. You'll really feel in tune with yourself. A new respect and appreciation of self is beginning Revel in it! It's the beginning of a great self-love.

Ten days to go! :)

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