Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day One

Well, it's that time again. It's a bit of an overcast morning - and I'm feeling the effects from a day and night of partying. I had a glass of wine at a matinee yesterday (love those VIP screening rooms! Saw "The Whistlerblower" - a true story about human trafficking in war-torn Serejevo in the late 90s. Excellent movie but absolutely harrowing. Go see!). Then I had a glass of rose out on the balcony with the hubs. There was sparkling wine before dinner, red wine with pasta, and a glass of white in there somewhere too. I basically subjected my body to every kind of wine I could. And this morning when I woke up feeling a bit of a hangover, I knew I was "ready" to cleanse.

Now you don't HAVE to overdo it before a cleanse, I just find that indulging a bit more than usual really helps me be "ready" for a cleanse - plus it's really fun, too. And it's the unpredictability and lifestyle variety of the plan that helps it work so well.

It really does help to feel "ready" for a cleanse. It's nice when it feels right. And today, it feels right. Strangely, on Monday, when I thought that was my last day, I felt a little reluctant. It's not unusual to feel that to some degree when you start cleansing - it happens, but it also goes away quickly. Because anticipating a cleanse is actually worse than being on one.

But when it made so much more sense to change my start day to today - Wednesday instead of Tuesday - I really enjoyed that extra day. I savored every sip of wine. I smiled lovingly at my wine glass several times during the day. But then, last night ... what was left of it went down the drain.

Wine is like a friend that way. A friend who goes on vacation every now and again. And it's okay when that friend is away because I get some much-needed me-time. And most importantly, behind all this fuzzy-wuzzy stuff is the fact that yes, I must break up my exposure to an addictive substance because I've been addicted before. It is for my health and happiness that I cleanse ... and I know that in my heart because I see (and feel) the improvement in my life as the years go by. It's almost as if cleansing becomes a spiritual time for me. And to tell you the truth, I've never felt so welcoming of one yet. I've noticed this, too - cleansing not only becomes easier each time, it also becomes more enjoyable. Which is another reason I really feel "ready" today.

And so ... happy cleanse!

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence and insanity to anyone ... but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson

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