Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 6 - Mixed Drinks

I can't believe it's already Day 6! I actually wrote Day 5 up there and then had to recount! This is the by far the fastest and easiest cleanse I've done so far - and the first weekend, which is always the hardest, is already over!

Discovered a great new drink for brunch yesterday. I often have a morning glory (sparkling wine and orange juice kind) with brunch when we cook at home or especially if we go out. Yesterday we stayed in and made omelets and fresh home fries. As we started cooking, I realized I missed not being able to sip my fizzy morning glory. I didn't necessarily miss the kick of alcohol - and if so, just for a second and I just took a deep breath (breathe through your cravings when you get them ... it's a great trick.) But I miss the fresh fizziness of the drink itself.

So I mixed up an interesting new concoction. I bought a bottle of Pom Wonderful the other day because it has just so many wonderful health claims. Along with it I got a bottle of lemon-flavored Perrier. Yesterday before brunch I was so craving some fizzy fun that I mixed a few ounces of Pom and topped it off with lemon-flavored Perrier in a champagne glass. It wasn't too sweet, had a bit of kick to it and that lovely fizz. Plus the glass made it seem special. I let my husband taste it and he was a bit confused by how much I liked it, but I thought it was an excellent - and healthy - accompaniment to a "dry" brunch.

You may not like this one, but experiment with different juices and other drinks. Mix them together, add them to plain water. The Pom Wonderful is so concentrated I just needed about a couple of tablespoons in water yesterday to make a nice refreshing option to H20. Plus I think at room temperature it would be a great substitute for red wine. Will try it on the next pasta night.

Having said the fun stuff, we watched the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday and Russell Brand - charming and gorgeous as he is - pissed me off ever so slightly by talking about Amy Winehouse's "disease" in his (very lovely) memorial to her. Of course, Russell is a member of A.A. and N.A. himself and it seems to be working out for him. I'm delighted about that. And it reminds me that there are people out there who may not be able to handle a life of cleansing.

I've known for many years that there is a "scale" of alcoholism. But perhaps it's even more complex than I thought. Maybe there are people whose problem qualifies as a "disease." Who cannot get through a weekend just drinking Pom Wonderful and Perrier. And maybe there are some of us who can.

A.A. insists that anyone who can stop drinking on their own is not an alcoholic - no matter what the NADD quiz says about a "scale" of alcoholism. I don't qualify as an alcoholic in any way for them. Never did - because I was able to do that six-month cleanse.

Listen, if you're finding dry weekends too much, if your withdrawal symptoms go beyond wanting a little fizz with your brunch, really search your soul and decide whether or not you need serious help with your problem.

However, if cleansing is working for you, if you find it challenging but helpful, congratulations! It's going to get even better and easier for you. I had a wonderful sober weekend with countless - absolutely countless - moments of fun and joy and happiness. I've said it before, but being happy when I'm sober is one of the greatest gifts of cleansing. I wish you many, many sober happy moments - whether you're cleansing or whether your join A.A.!