Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 3 - Easy Does It

It's already Friday. I know my first whole week isn't done, but hitting that first Friday is a bit of a milestone. I am now completely confident in recommending Wednesday as the start of any cleanse because it makes that first week go by so much faster.

Yesterday afternoon we had an appointment with our banker. We had about 45 minutes to kill and my husband hadn't eaten, so we decided to go to a restaurant across the street for a little bite. This is a resto I've been in about a million times since the 1980s. Meaning I've had about a billion drinks there. My husband was really surprised that I suggested it. He kept asking, "Are you sure?" But I'm sure now, yes I am. I can handle anything when I cleanse.

We were lead to a nice table on the covered patio and I nursed the top half of a cranberry & H20 and picked at his fries. It wasn't quite as fun as when we're drinking - but the place is not known for it's 10 oz glasses of wine (like many of my fave haunts) so it's not as if I was missing that much of a buzz. It was completely painless!

While we were ordering, I told my husband he could have a beer if he wanted. Last night on the couch, he actually teared up. "You looked me in the eyes and made me believe that it was okay to have a beer," he said. And that's because it WAS okay. We talked a bit more about the whole idea of cleansing - and he was still emotional. He's so proud of me, he says. He really believes in cleansing - the whole idea of it, no matter how fresh or new it is. Because it's helped us so much.

I believe in it, too.

Having said that ... I am staring down the barrel of my first weekend ... wish me luck!

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