Thursday, August 18, 2011

Countdown Time

So it's the last full week of drinking for me. My summer cleanse starts next Tuesday.

We were out with another couple for dinner last night - to a groovy, dimly-lit neighborhood spot. I had three glasses of white wine. That's usually more than I have with a meal but we were partying and I was feeling fine.

But when the waitress came around and asked if we wanted another round, my friend looked across the table at me. We'd been keeping pace with each other so her third wine glass was empty, too. "Do you want one?" she asked me. I said 'no.' I honestly didn't feel like a fourth. I thought I'd be too drunk. But she went ahead and ordered a glass of red and I had a few sips of that.

We all walked home on a lovely, balmy summer night. It was a great evening. Lots of laughter and storytelling and great food. But I was pretty proud of myself, turning down a glass of wine about five days from starting a cleanse.

What is happening to me? Am I becoming a prude?

Just kidding. But I am impressed that even this close to a cleanse, not only do I have control, but I'm making wise choices without feeling ripped off at all.

I'll really have to make up for it this weekend. ;)

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