Monday, August 22, 2011


It's my last drinking day before my second semi-annual cleanse. I put a "sad-face" up there because to be honest, the day is sometimes a bit sad. You've had so much fun partying in the weeks leading up to the cleanse, you've usually gone for dinner with your fun drinking-friends, spent extra time at family barbecues, started your weekends with morning glories ... sigh ... and that's all over for 28 days.

But hey - I'm not gonna be too down about it because the cleanse starts tomorrow. I still have today to party!

Plus I also know that this is just a temporary feeling. Because I know how good cleansing is for me, I know how fast time goes by, and I know that they bring much happiness and joy of their own kind to my life when I'm on them. I think waiting for them to approach is worse than actually being on one. So don't feel too sorry for me - it's not all :(. There's lots of :) too.

Will check in again tomorrow ... probably hung over!

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