Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick Days

One of my Wild Card Rules is that I CAN drink alone at home when I'm coming down with a cold.

In the old days, I had a surefire cure for colds. The minute I felt one coming on, I drank a couple big glasses of wine, I took two Tylenol Cold tablets, I wrapped my neck in a scarf and my body in some blankets and I passed out for a couple of hours and usually woke up sweaty and disoriented ... but without my cold. It worked every time. Plus it made the prospect of getting a cold a lot more appealing.

But then I read how damaging it was to your liver to take analgesics and other medication like this, while drinking alcohol at the same time. So ... I gave up the Tylenol. But I kept the wine.

Nowadays, when I feel a cold coming on, I can happily and guiltlessly pour myself a couple of glasses of wine while watching whatever comfort television is on. Then I bundle up and pass out for a couple of hours.

It often works. Often! Though not always. And either way ... it still makes the idea of getting a sick a whole lot more fun. ;)

By the way, sick days shouldn't go on for months! Keep it down to two in a row. If getting slowly toasted by yourself doesn't work in two days, then it's back to the chicken soup and O.J. for you. But at least it was fun while it lasted.

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