Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture Perfect

The other night the hubby and I went out for dinner with some friends of ours. After meeting the super-glam restaurant owner, we went over to another super-glam event: a gallery opening of a close friend of this couple we were with.

I've admired this artist's paintings on the walls of their home many times. I was excited to go. So I sweated the outfit. Spent a little more time on the hair. At dinner, I had a kir royale and shared a bottle of nice northern Cali Chardonnay my friend. At the gallery - which was packed with scenesters - I had another bit of champagne and another glass of wine.

In other words ... quite a bit. :) And I had a glamtastic blast.

But it was so incredible the next day to hear from the hubs how 'fabulous' I was. That I didn't get too drunk. That he didn't have to worry about me. In the old days, that was just the kind of event that would see me drinking waaaaay too much (and in the throes of the dopamine/depression cycle that's easy as pie ... no easier! Cuz wine is easier 'n pie!). I would've stumbled and stammered and made an ass of myself. I (probably) would've bought a painting I couldn't afford. And I probably would've started a blackout fight with my husband when we got home because I would've been getting attitude from him about my drinking.

It is SUCH a damn relief to be able to go out, have fun, enjoy my wine, but not have to worry about it becoming an ordeal. It's just a blast - before, during and after. And that, my friend, is what cleansing is all about.

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