Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1 - March Break

It's Day 1 of the first of my two annual alcohol cleanses. I've never cleansed in March before. But it's a beautiful, mild sunny day out there and that's always a nice way to start.

Remember as you're coming up to a cleanse to plan some fun outings. Visit with your party-head friends or family, go out to your favorite restaurants. For me, a good part of the joy of eating in restaurants is the wine so we don't eat out nearly as much when I'm cleansing (saves $ too!). But to make up for it, make that last couple of weeks and especially the weekend as much fun as you can.

But here's another tip that I'm just learning myself. If it's important to plan special events before a cleanse, it might be just as important to have things to do that first week. As it happens, this is going to be a busy week for me and I'm looking forward to having a couple non-drinking things to do at night. A concert tonight - the ballet on Thursday.

But don't overdo it during that first week. Because it will probably be the "hardest" on you. Your energy's not what it is and you might feel at a bit of a loss when it comes to having fun. So make sure there's something for you to look forward to: something that's not usually drinking related.

Btw, this is a Tuesday. I usually start my cleanses on a Tuesday. Monday just seems too damn depressing. When I woke up, the first thing I thought about was the fact I was on a cleanse. A month feels like such a long time when you're on this end of it. But I know how fast it goes and I know how much it helps me. Cleansing not only breaks up the physical addiction of alcohol on your body and brain, it also breaks up your own psychological dependencies on it, no matter how strong or mild they may be. And as people who've had drinking problems, that's a very important thing.

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