Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 7 - 7th Heaven

The first week is almost behind me! This was one of the easiest first weekends on a cleanse ever! I'm convinced that cleansing gets easier with each cycle and this time was no different.

Friday night we stayed in and caught up on some favorite TV shows. I steeped a small pitcher of David's Tea Xanadu, a fruity concoction of rasperry, cherry and rosehips. With a lovely Kool-Aid red color, it feels like a special treat, especially served in a wine glass, which is what I do. It also tastes great hot or cold. Make sure you have some delicious, low-cal herbal teas on hand for a cleanse. Experiment as much as you like. Caffeine-free is always good, but if you need a little boost, pick a nice green tea. With all the anti-oxidants, your heart will thank you.

If you want to add a teaspoon of honey or agave, it would make the drink even more rewarding. But I like to forgo the sugary substances unless I absolutely need them. I know as the cleanse goes on, sometimes my energy ebbs a bit and I don't want to start on the excess calories before I know I actually need them. And on Friday night I didn't.

Saturday night was a bit more of a challenge. Again, we made it a quiet night, which was fine. But it also meant that I had to miss girls' night. The first Saturday of every month, about a dozen of us get together at a restaurant somewhere and eat and drink to our hearts' content. But when I'm cleansing, girls' night is a no-no. I'd just sit there and stew all night watching the pinot come and go. I missed the interaction (I'm a writer and I've lost touch with my old work friends), but that's okay. I'm looking extra forward to next month. Though because it'll be in the first week off my cleanse, I'll be taking it easier than I usually do. Which as many a nasty post-girls' night Sunday morning hangover has proved, is a good thing. :)

But that's the good thing about cleansing. It's not a lifestyle that demands you only have two drinks a day. As you start progressing with your cleanses and learn your new tolerance levels, there are definitely occasions when you can actually get drunk! Just don't overdo it until you know exactly how your body is reacting to alcohol.

By the way, Week 1 is the hardest. It always seems to go by more slowly than any of the others. When you get it behind you, reward yourself! Chocolate cake. A movie. A massage. Something new to read or wear. Enjoy it! You deserve it!

By the way, Lent begins today, "Clean Monday" as it's known this year, instead of Ash Wednesday which is when it usually begins. Already a week into my cleanse, I don't think I'm going to have to give anything up for Lent this year (I'm not a Catholic, so I never do - even though I was baptized Lutheran - who also should follow Lent - it probably won't surprise you that I'm not giving anything else up this year.

Besides with only three weeks ahead of me I've got it easy compared to the Catholics. They're staring down a long, cold stretch of forty days ...

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