Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 15 - Downhill From Here

I'm not going to have to tell you to appreciate the halfway mark of your cleanse because you are going to feel it in every fiber of your body. The peace, joy and self-confidence that comes from knowing you've crossed the two-week point is probably going to be all you need to slide through the rest of your cleanse.

I like the idea of cleansing in March. It's a beautiful, mild sunny day outside. Because the clocks jumped forward, the days will be noticeably longer and it's already feeling like spring. It's a much kinder way to deal with a cleanse than depriving yourself in February. I think March will be my winter cleanse indefinitely.

It will effect my summer cleanse, of course. I don't think I'm going to want to be cleansing again in a measly four months. Besides, cleanses should really be spaced about five months apart on a regular basis. So I'll probably start my summer clenase during the last week of August and take it through to the last week of September - or the first day of fall. Cleansing at the equinox. It seems fitting.

But if spring and fall make more sense to you and your life, go for those. Just make sure you keep the cleanses about five months apart.

By the way, I was completely mislead (or maybe didn't pay enough attention to) that furniture store going out of business ad, because in fact, they were open on Monday and will be for several more weeks. What's more, that white sideboard that I thought was the last of its kind is actually only one of nine. There are eight more new ones in stock that will be shipped to the store next month.

It made me really think about how I view my life - and the "lack" of things in it. I know this is not necessarily drinking related, but as I said, my cleanses are not the sole purpose of my life. In fact they are only there to support the rest of my life - which is to find more joy and fulfillment in every moment. And for me, part of that journey is spiritual growth.

So if I'm looking for spiritual lessons in the nightmare of Daylight Savings Day 2011, I won't have to go far to find it. It's so simple ... so clear ... and it applies to all things. My perception of the situation on Sunday was only in my mind. I thought that sideboard was the last one of its kind. I thought the store was closed forever. I thought we had lost the piece de resistance in our living room.

But that was only my interpretation of the situation. It had nothing to do with reality, which was this: I had plenty of time. And I had plenty of sideboards. In fact there was a surplus of them and I could have my pick. If I had just relaxed and thought about the possibility of more positive outcomes when I was standing in front of those locked doors, I would've had a more enjoyable day. Instead of beating myself up for making so many stupid mistakes.

Our perception of lack in the moment has nothing to do with actually what's out there waiting for us. Keep that in mind the next time you feel undervalued or ripped off. Great abundance is right beyond the limits of your what you will allow yourself to imagine or what you think you deserve.

So open your eyes and your hearts to abundance, don't think of "lack."

Funnily, only last week, the day before I saw that sideboard, I had gotten so sick of staring at the blank wall in the living room that I went on-line and decided to order a $29.99 floating shelf from IKEA. We have a black one by the door to the apartment and its very handy and sharp. You know how odd some of the names of IKEA items are? This shelf was called "Lack."

Ironic, isn't it?

What's more, the last line of Abraham's quotation from today reads (as you may know, I'm a follower of Abraham-Hicks): "A state of appreciation is pure Connection to Source where there is no perception of lack."

It all applies to drinking, too. Because, I may be living in lack right now when it comes to my yummy vino, but because of regular cleansing I don't have to live in lack forever - not like those poor 12-steppers. When my cleanse is over, there isn't a life of abstinence waiting for me. But one of abundance. And there's less than two weeks to go ...

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