Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 13 - Lucky Numbers

A good suggestion when you're cleansing is to sometimes do things or go places you don't normally the rest of the year. It's unfair - and not a hell of a lot of fun, especially early on in a cleanse - to sit down at a restaurant where you're such a regular that they'll probably drop your drink order off at the table before you've taken off your coat. For instance, there's an Indian restaurant down the street that we frequent regularly and they know us so well that food order is placed and our drinks poured (pinot grigio for me, Kingfisher beer for the hubb) almost the moment they see us coming in the door.

In fact Friday night we both had a craving for chana and tika and we had made plans to go to the Indian resto for dinner. But it hadn't stopped snowing all day (or night) and it felt more dozy to stay in - especially because we wouldn't be drinking at dinner. (Mind you, I have had a glass or orange juice or cran and soda with Indian - or any regular restaurant meal - and it's fine!) So instead of venturing into the cold, we phoned in our order and the hubby braved the elements to bring it back in a paper bag. Yum. We lit a candle, set up the kitchen table and enjoyed our regular Indian dinner in a new way: sans alcohol. And it was delicious and great!

Then yesterday, rather than heading out the pub across the street where we usually go about once a week for brunch (not to mention their huge 10-oz glass of wine!), we decided to take a look at a sale at a great furniture stores that was going out of business. It was a completely different environment and neighborhood for us on a Saturday afternoon which helps when you're cleansing because you're less likely to be reminded of what you're missing.

Afterwards we visited a small courtyard restaurant downstairs - a place we've never been to before and that didn't seem to foreground the booze (though they did have a cooler of beer and wine), so again, it was a new experience we didn't associate with drinking. It really makes everything easier - plus it gets you out of your routine! And a change is as good as a rest.

It was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who first introduced the idea that a change (of work) was as good as rest in Lippincott's Monthly in 1890. And the idea of a "change" applies to cleansing, as well ... only I could probably rephrase it: A change of restaurant is (almost) as good as a drink.

So try to do get out and do different things, see different places, when you're cleansing. Not only will you be less likely to miss drinking, you'll be expanding your horizons as well.

By the way, we found a great sideboard that will be perfect in our living room! We've been looking for one for ages and it's half price. It's still not cheap so we've taken the night to think on it - we're going back today to buy it. Fingers crossed it isn't gone!

It's Day 13, by the way ... a very lucky day, actually ... my cleanse is almost half done. :)

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