Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ab Fab

Cue the angels. The cleanse is over and I'm happily looking forward to five months of "normality." Did I say hallelujah? Oh yeah ... several times.

I can't express to you the joy, relief and pride you'll feel when you finish a regular cleanse. It's a true gift of expansiveness which I rarely feel in any other part of my life. Love wine too much? Yup. But that's why I'm doing this in the first place.

At about 9pm last night, we uncorked a decent bottle of California cab and let it breathe on the counter for three hours. The place began to smell slightly musky, like a wine cellar, something I wouldn't have noticed or appreciated if I hadn't cleansed.

At midnight, we each poured a glass. One glass, not overly large, about 5oz. We toasted to a lot of things (but mostly me) and put in season 3 of "Absolutely Fabulous" which we've been saving until after the cleanse was over. Watching Edina and Patsy stumble about half-drunk on champers first thing in the morning? And be hilarious while they're doing it? Not helpful on a cleanse.

But it was great watching as Eddie forgot Saffy's birthday, Saffy gave Patsy a breast exam (she drew the line at a "smear"), and the whole bunch of them try to redecorate the kitchen Patsy burned down when she passed out with a cigarette in her mouth at the end of last season. Funny stuff, that alkie business.

I felt the wine slowly course through my body, tingling my arms, filling me with warmth. The total-being relaxation that takes place with alcohol is irreplaceable, as most substances with an addictive bent are. I laughed more, I smiled more, I felt wonderful. Is it cheating to have my first drink at midnight on Day 28? Well, it's officially Day 29, so nope! Dem's the rules.

Btw, a recent study conducted by the University of Calgary took into consideration over 140 earlier examinations of the effects of moderate drinking on our health. On average, people who drink moderately (women one drink a day, men two - not quite ready to be THAT moderate, but I'll get there!) were between 14 and 25 per cent less inclined to get heart disease - compared to non-drinkers. Moderate alcohol consumption also protected the cardiovascular system by increasing "good cholesterol."

They forgot one benefit of course - it's just plain fun. Which helps everything else.

Globe and Mail, Feb. 25, 2011 "Cheers to Your Heart Health" by Paul Taylor