Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Booze

That ski trip kept getting postponed - which kept postponing my regular February cleanse. I've been drinking - and I mean, zowie-drinking - all month. The odd day off here and there, but because of the rule that you don't have to take your regular days off leading up to a cleanse ... the shifting trip has shifted everything. And I win! This was a long weekend and I think I started out with champagne and OJ by 12:30 practically every day. Yum.

Of course, if you're doing your first couple of cleanses I wouldn't recommend being quite so lenient with yourself. Be flexible - but don't take advantage until you know you're back in control of how your body handles alcohol.

Having said all that, my first annual cleanse fast approaches - a week today, March 1st. It's the first time I've done a March cleanse. I've done January - and February for sure. But March? I'm looking forward to it - at least a little. I know my body needs it, but my life needs it, too. And I think it'll be nice watching the days get longer and the sun get sunnier as March marches on.

Speaking of cleanses, I read in the Globe yesterday about a woman who's taken Kathy Freston's "Quantum Wellness Cleanse." Freston's approach to internal and external health includes a 21-day cleanse where all alcohol, caffeine, sugar and animal products are avoided. It's supposed to be an almost spiritual experience.

I know what she means. Just cutting alcohol out of my life for 28 days puts me in a different spiritual place (one that I'm actually looking forward to right now). But with Freston's cleanse being so popular, I'm wondering if I want to incorporate her broader advice into my regular cleanse, cutting out the other nasties, too. I hear it's quite a challenging plan and I can understand why. I know there are many days - especially early on in a cleanse - where I really enjoy a jolt of sugar to compensate for the energy I'm not getting with wine. Um, maybe I'll just buy the book and work my way up to it ...

btw, I'm going to lunch today with my 86-year-old friend, Barbara. You should take an old lady to lunch every now and again. You'd be surprised at how fascinating the conversation is - and more than likely you get to drink most of the wine. :)

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