Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flexual Healing

So it's the near the end of January and my winter cleanse is coming up. I usually go for the month of February (give or take a day here or there), but this year we've got a potential ski trip coming up, which might start February 6. Meaning my winter cleanse is a bit up in the air. If we don't take a trip, it'll start February 8. If we do go away, it'll start Feb 15.

The great thing about this plan - and one of the reasons it works so well - is because it's flexible. You set the dates. You make it work around your life. Not only does it make the plan easier and liveable, but it's empowering. You're not a slave to any calendar or arbitrary schedule. It's your life. Live it!

btw, I read in the Globe and Mail yesterday that a long-term study was conducted in New Zealand that found that children who showed self-control - ie. who were able to wait their turn, show conscientiousness and discipline - were more likely to become healthy, employed, emotionally stable adults than subjects who had not exhibited self-control when they were young. The study followed 1000 people over 30 years and found that the adults who hadn't had self-control as children usually ended up sick, unemployed and/or becoming teen parents. Worse, nearly 40% of them ended up in jail!

I tried to remember, did I have self-control when I was young? I hoped I did cuz it bodes well for my future. I didn't want it to be too late for me?

But then I thought ... when ISN'T it a good thing to have patience and self-control? You need it in life (and with this plan to some degree). I pictured myself as a patient, well-behaved little girl waiting her turn in a creepy New Zealand behavior study that she has no idea will dog her all her life ... and somehow it made me relax. Not because I might have been that girl when I was young - but because I could be more like her now. I could be patient. I could be peaceful. I could have self-control. It made me realize that life is not a compartmentalized group of phases or 'hoods' (childhood, adulthood), but a continual flowing of energy through time. You still have the power to quietly, happily, easily take control of your life and your future. Today, I woke up feeling happy and grounded.

I love learning new ways to understand happiness and peace. New ways to be my best. Tricks to help improve my vibration and attract more joy into my life. (I'm a big fan of Abraham-Hicks and believe that if I can improve my mindset now - I will attract more positive things into my life.) So I'm not going to look at life as something that was cemented when I was 5 years old and threw a tantrum instead of waiting my turn for the purple crayon.

Instead I'm thinking "I'm still growing, I'm still young(ish), I still have so much to learn, and if I'm just a little more patient now ... if I show just a little more self-control today ... it will probably mean that in thirty years, I end up a financially secure, happy, healthy senior ... who's not in jail!" :) And maybe those creepy people in the lab coats will finally stop following me around already.

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