Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flexual Healing

So it's the near the end of January and my winter cleanse is coming up. I usually go for the month of February (give or take a day here or there), but this year we've got a potential ski trip coming up, which might start February 6. Meaning my winter cleanse is a bit up in the air. If we don't take a trip, it'll start February 8. If we do go away, it'll start Feb 15.

The great thing about this plan - and one of the reasons it works so well - is because it's flexible. You set the dates. You make it work around your life. Not only does it make the plan easier and liveable, but it's empowering. You're not a slave to any calendar or arbitrary schedule. It's your life. Live it!

btw, I read in the Globe and Mail yesterday that a long-term study was conducted in New Zealand that found that children who showed self-control - ie. who were able to wait their turn, show conscientiousness and discipline - were more likely to become healthy, employed, emotionally stable adults than subjects who had not exhibited self-control when they were young. The study followed 1000 people over 30 years and found that the adults who hadn't had self-control as children usually ended up sick, unemployed and/or becoming teen parents. Worse, nearly 40% of them ended up in jail!

I tried to remember, did I have self-control when I was young? I hoped I did cuz it bodes well for my future. I didn't want it to be too late for me?

But then I thought ... when ISN'T it a good thing to have patience and self-control? You need it in life (and with this plan to some degree). I pictured myself as a patient, well-behaved little girl waiting her turn in a creepy New Zealand behavior study that she has no idea will dog her all her life ... and somehow it made me relax. Not because I might have been that girl when I was young - but because I could be more like her now. I could be patient. I could be peaceful. I could have self-control. It made me realize that life is not a compartmentalized group of phases or 'hoods' (childhood, adulthood), but a continual flowing of energy through time. You still have the power to quietly, happily, easily take control of your life and your future. Today, I woke up feeling happy and grounded.

I love learning new ways to understand happiness and peace. New ways to be my best. Tricks to help improve my vibration and attract more joy into my life. (I'm a big fan of Abraham-Hicks and believe that if I can improve my mindset now - I will attract more positive things into my life.) So I'm not going to look at life as something that was cemented when I was 5 years old and threw a tantrum instead of waiting my turn for the purple crayon.

Instead I'm thinking "I'm still growing, I'm still young(ish), I still have so much to learn, and if I'm just a little more patient now ... if I show just a little more self-control today ... it will probably mean that in thirty years, I end up a financially secure, happy, healthy senior ... who's not in jail!" :) And maybe those creepy people in the lab coats will finally stop following me around already.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

T-Minus 19 days

I'm sitting here, working, the radio on in the background - KISS FM. Natch. Yes, Rihanna is the only girl in the world. Anyway, Chris Brown's on with his "Yeah 3X" (I Wanna See You Tonight). The lyrics "You love to drink, so do we!" make me smile. This is the sort of song that would never have gone over when I was a kid. The Bee Gees singing about partying - that hard? Or Olivia Newton-John? Puh-lease. Not even in her naughty "You're the One That I Want" days.

But times have changed and it seems like so many pop songs right now are about drinking and partying: Pink's got 'em, The Black Eyed Peas got 'em, Kei$ha's got 'em, and just about everybody else. We all love to party, especially when we're young and can take it.

For now, my partying days are numbered. 19 days left of drinking before my February cleanse (give or take). And since we're just coming out of Christmas, I haven't had a day "off" in weeks. Starting next week, I can quit my off-days because as per the golden rule, you don't have to abstain during the two weeks leading up to a cleanse.

Meaning ... this is the last night I could POTENTIALLY not drink. Hmmm. I wonder what will happen - because I'll tell you what I feel like. Yeah, I want to drink. :) Whether I will or not doesn't make much difference at this point, but I'll keep you posted.

You'll notice that coming up to a cleanse, you might find your tolerance up. You might want to drink more. Or you may have more cravings. Though, honestly, at this point I no longer have the raving cravings I used to have before I started the plan. And neither will you. But still, there's a noticeable yearning, a desire to take advantage of your drinking days while you can. Responsibly, of course. ;) Always responsibly. Ish.

Don't worry if that happens. It's completely normal. It's the way alcohol affects our systems: we develop greater tolerances to it, as we do to all addictive things. But this is why the regular 28-day cleanses are so vital. Your system never really has a chance to fall into the serious addictive pattern because just as you may be falling victim to the sweet seduction of your potion of choice ... it's time to cleanse again.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, well ... the holidays are over. The New Year's Eve hangover is gone. And what lies ahead of me are about four more weeks of drinking before my next cleanse.

The "rules" are a little slack in the weeks leading up to a cleanse. If you have to catch up on some dinners or lunches with friends or family, you can definitely enjoy drinking on what might normally be an "off day." It's a great way to reward yourself for what's coming up: your first annual cleanse.

My winter cleanse.