Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sleeping with the Enemy

There is really something to be said for that one glass of wine (and a splash) at night. My weekly routine ended up getting quashed this week but I adapted. Then, on the nights I did drink - the last two - I only had one glass of wine with and during dinner (maybe 5 ounces) and then a splash (maybe 1 or 2 ounces) after dinner with an episode of "Breaking Bad."

(Speaking of addiction, I have one for this show. I had no idea who Bryan Cranston was until the Emmy Awards this year. I was all, like, What?! Michael C. Hall's not gonna win! That's fuckin' nuts! He's a genius! "Dexter" is my fave show evurrrrr!! You guys SUCK!!! But then the hubby rented season one, and I am literally hooked, now only one episode away from the end of season TWO and all this in about a week. I am absolutely a "Breaking Bad" junkie now! I think about it when it's not on. I want it when I can't have it. I sink into happy oblivion when the opening sequence begins ... Funny, both my favorite shows are about bad guys with a dark secret trying to fit into a normal world. Huh. btw - yes, Bryan Cranston deserved the Emmy. Hell, he deserves everyone's Emmy as far as I'm concerned.)

Anyway, back to what I was saying about a glass and a splash. Sometimes, even mid-week, I party a bit, and I'll have three glasses of wine with pasta dinner or whatever - and then maybe even a splash. Part-ayyyy!! But then I feel it the next morning - and I can even feel it the next afternoon in a haze of down-ness.

It makes me wonder if the dopamine depression thing can set in that fast ... and be fixed that fast. Whatever the case, cleansing doesn't turn you into Mary Sunshine on Zoloft. You'll still deal with moods, and PMS, and life crap, and melancholy. But it's not as bad as before cleansing - and hell, that's life, right? Besides, at least you can still DRINK!!

But because I've just come off a cleanse, I think I did a few too many of those 3 or 4 drink nights (along with a few glasses of wine at lunch with L. the other day). I was feeling it. I wasn't pleased with myself. So the last couple nights, as I said, I've forgone the actual PARTAYYYY stuff, and just stuck with a glass and a splash.

Not only is it fun and relaxing and totally buzz-inducing ... but you don't feel the aftereffects the next morning. It makes me wonder why I EVER drink more than that. But then again, I'm a fan of a middle-class chemistry teacher drug-dealer and a single, blood-spatter analyst serial killer, so I'm one for skating the line of propriety. It's not surprising I indulge myself sometimes.

Having said that, here's a sweet little piece of advice from Sir William Temple who was an English Statesman in the 17th Century:

"The first glass for myself; the second for my friends; the third for good humor: and the fourth for mine enemies."

I wonder why heavy drinkers treat themselves like the enemy so often?

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