Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hack, hack!

Terrible bug going around. Caught it myself.

I used to have this trick when I'd feel a cold coming on. I'd drink two big glasses of wine (at least!), pop 2 Tylenol cold tablets, wrap up (scarf and everything) and hit the hay for a few hours to sweat and sleep it off. It worked every time. And made getting over a cold fun & quick.

Then I found out how hard mixing cold medicine and liquor was on your liver - and I stopped that. Well, I stopped it in general about four years ago.

But the other day, with the blessings of the hubby (who had given me the damn cold to begin with), I decided to have those two glasses of wine during the day (first time in years!), wrap up and sleep it off.

Well, I slept. Passed out for four hours. But the cold didn't go away.

And you know what? It wasn't even that fun. Thank God I don't indulge by myself all day anymore. It was such torture before, during and after.

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